A message to our loyal customers...

We understand all too well that the recent events with the corona virus has caused many to literally shut themselves away for fear of contracting this virus. Yet, we must all know the facts as to what COVID-19 is and isn’t, how you can and can’t get it and most importantly, do what is needed to be safe and healthy while not letting misinformation dictate how you live.

Lyfestyle Catering has always abided by the strictest food safety handling and processing rules established by government and our own self imposed protocols and procedures. Since we are operating under various government levels including the Florida Department of Agriculture and being especially an R-3 rated kitchen facility which processes meals for High Risk groups, the Elderly and Children.
As such, not only do we continue to operate as before, but taken additional safety steps until no longer required.

March 14, 2020 we have implemented the following:

  • Delivery schedules have been switched from 3 days to 2 days a week.This reduces exposure/contact between our delivery staff and our customers.
  • All our personnel have agreed to notify us (Daily) as to their overall well-being and if they experienced any flu like symptoms or otherwise (BEFORE) they even come to the kitchen facility.
  • Staff will also notify us the same if they came in contact with anyone or anything that would be classified as a potential, health threat or if they entered a medical facility that was seeing/treating anyone infected with COVID-19.

All meals will continue to be prepared in the safest manner that ensures the protection of the public well being. If you need special arrangements, please let us know.
We shall be offering some knew items that are not just for your enjoyment, but to help with your overall health. These items will be offered at no additional cost should you wish them.  Why would we do this? Simple. In times like these, We struggle and work together. There is no you and I, but us. Together we will beat this as we have done before. Your health and well-being is as important as our own.
So we will do our small part to ensure it.

More to follow.

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